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Factors to consider when installing new gutters

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Here is a list of factors to consider when installing new gutters:

  1. Take aluminum gutters that will never rust.
  2. Use screws rather than nails as an anchor system. The thaw-freeze cycle causes the nails to gradually withdraw from the anchor, thereby weakening the gutter.
  3. Use stainless steel screws so as to avoid the traces of rust that will inevitably appear on your gutter over the years.
  4. Use the GutterClean system to prevent leaf and debris from accumulating in the gutter and possibly causing blockage. This situation could cause water infiltration into your home which is undesirable.
  5. Use a gutter made of one piece rather than pieces of gutters placed end to end. The aesthetics of the gutter shall be better and you avoid the risk of joints being problematic in some few years.
  6. Ensure that gutters and downspouts can handle a large amount of water. The climate change we are experiencing is making violent storms more frequently. Be prepared to handle these situations.
  7. Position downhill slopes strategically to avoid water infiltration through the foundation of your home. The water must be evacuated far away from the foundation.

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Article published in ‘’La Presse’’ on the 21st of March 2017


We invite you to read this article which explains the importance of channeling rainwater far away from the foundations of your home. The experts at Alu Gouttière know exactly where to position the downspouts so as to keep the water away from the foundations and thus ensuring your peace of mind.

Water, an enemy to be repelled from the house

Some examples

Snow has a considerable weight on the gutters (see the image below). The anchorage system must be able to withstand this heavy load; hence this is the importance of using screwed anchorages rather than that of nails.

Over time, a nail anchoring system weakens due to freeze-thaw cycles: