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Alu Gouttière is specialized in the installation of seamless aluminum gutters. Your gutters shall be made base on your needs. The T-Rex® system from the company ‘’Alu-Rex’’ is without doubt the best solution in the market for your home.

The quality of our installations has allowed Alu Gouttiere to be recognized as an “Installer ELITE”. Take a moment and discover the T-Rex® solution.

Solution for new installations


The continuous fastening system

T-Rex® – the invisible continuous fastening system for new gutter installations.

With its unique patented design, T-Rex® helps in creating a monocoque structure that is resistant to bending and twisting.

Nothing can tear it or damage it, not even time!

The T-Rex® continuous fastening system can support 250 lbs per linear foot.

T-Rex® makes the gutter 50% stronger than a traditional installation made with nails or hooks.


Solution for existing installations

The gutter’s protection

The gutter clean system® – the system for the gutters already in place. No need to climb and clean your gutters!


Without the Gutter Clean System®
The debris accumulate …


With Gutter Clean System®
Debris are blown away by the wind


Comparaisons de la solution T-Rex et du Gutter Clean System

Composantes de la solution T-Rex et du Gutter Clean System

An incomparable performance

The Alu-Perf technology consists of 489 perforations after every 19 inches and can drain 29.7 inches of water per hour, per linear foot.

This represents 3 times the amount of water fell during the highest precipitation recorded.

Answers to the frequently asked questions

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Only temporarily. Alu-Rex products have a smooth, perforated surface. Just as wet leaves can stick temporarily to the hood of a car, leaves and debris that settle on the surface of Alu-Rex products are exposed to the sun and dry quickly.

And under the wet leaves, there are holes, unlike the surface of a car hood, this speed up the drying of the leaves! The wind easily drives away the dried leaves and debris:

  • Wind having a speed of 10 km/ h drives wet leaves and about 100 pine needles per foot.
  • Wind having a speed of 37 km/h drives about one inch (2.5 cm) of pine spines per foot.

Thanks to AluRex products, the weight of the snow on the gutters is significantly reduced. Since the gutters are empty, the weight of the snow on the gutters is limited to that of the products of Alu-Rex. In addition, the gutters remain functional and allows water from melting snow and ice to flow freely.

Without Alu-Rex products, the gutters – already clogged with leaves and debris – shall be filled with snow and ice, thereby preventing them from being functional and releasing water during spring. And the total weight is higher.

Not at all! The water is continuously drained since nothing – neither debris – nor snow hinders the evacuation. Thanks to Alu-Rex products and Alu-Perf technology, the gutters are functional during all seasons.

Alu-Rex products do not cause ice to form. If ice cubes form at the edge of the roof, we recommend checking that the attic space is sufficiently ventilated and that the thermal insulation is adequate.

No. No water infiltration can be caused by Alu-Rex products. The installation does not require the shingles to be lifted, and no nailing is done on the roof.

Beware of Alu-Rex-like products that require shingles to be lifted. These products promote water infiltration. Over time, asphalt shingles dry out and become more brittle. It is therefore risky to lift shingles so as to nail it, screw or even place a gutter.

It is important to know that the asphalt shingle manufacturer’s warranty is void if the shingles are lifted, peeled or modified.

The maximum weight your gutter can support with the Fixa-Tech® is 250 lbs per linear foot (373 kg per linear meter). It is 50% stronger than nails or hooks.

In the absence of trees, it may not be necessary to use the Fixa-Tech® gutter system. However, the main qualities of Fixa-Tech® are its strength, durability and quality.

With Fixa-Tech®, your gutters will be stronger and more durable than any other. New trees shall have time to grow and your gutters will still be in perfect condition in 25, 30 or even 40 years!

People who purchase the Fixa-Tech® system want the best for their gutters, just as they do for their doors, windows or any other part of their home.

Nails, screws and hooks offer some strength, but only around the few inches that surround them on the front of the gutter.

There are therefore weaknesses between the nails / screws / hooks. The Fixa-Tech® is resistant to the entire length of the gutter. There are no weak points.

The Gutter Clean System® is a gutter guard that prevents leaves and debris from entering and clogging existing gutters. This product is simply deposited on the gutters already installed on your residence.

Fixa-Tech® is a continuous gutter system that grip your gutters very securely, making them 50% stronger than a traditional installation.

Both products have the same Alu-Perf technology, which prevents the build-up of leaves and debris in your gutters.

The Gutter Clean System® and Fixa-Tech® are among the most effective gutter protection systems in the market today. In most cases, normal debris is blown by a gentle breeze.

In sheltered roof areas or shallow overhangs of sloping roofs, debris may accumulate where the wind can not drive them away. We recommend occasional cleaning of these areas to maintain the effectiveness of Alu-Rex products.

Extensive research and development of our products have led to our exclusive technology: Alu-Perf. The product has 489 perforations at every 19 “(48 cm). These multiple perforations allow water to flow at the same flow rate as a 2 “x 3” (5 cm x 7.5 cm) downpipe. Rigorous testing by an independent certification body proves that Alu-Rex products can drain more than 32.9 inches (836 mm) of water per hour over 20 feet (6 m). The 44,000,000 feet (13,411,200 meters) of Alu-Rex products installed around the world also speak for themselves.

As an indication, the world’s largest precipitation was 12 inches (305 mm) in one hour (Holt, MO, 1947). In comparison, the 1996 Saguenay (Quebec) deluge was caused by a drop of 11 inches (275 mm) of rain in three days. Alu-Rex products could have contained all these precipitations in one hour! And even three times more!

Note that water discharges are usually caused by the gutters themselves (not wide enough and deep for the roof surface) or by the downspouts (not enough for the roof surface). It is important to ensure that the downspouts are installed in sufficient numbers so as to prevent backflow. For this reason, it is necessary to calculate that a downspout evacuates an equivalent of 600 sq. ft. (56 m2) of roof.

In summary, if your own gutters do not cause backups during heavy rains, the Gutter Clean System® and Fixa-Tech® will not cause them.

Even when 100% of the perforations are clogged (which never happens, as the wind blows away leaves and debris), Alu-Rex products can drain up to three times more water than the largest precipitation recorded.

How? Because the wet leaves remain permeable. In fact, water seeps between the leaves, but also through the leaves and goes into the gutter. Water always finds its way through the perforations.

In addition, Alu-Rex products have a basin of approximately 0.4 “(1 cm) depth. After laboratory and field testing, this depth was determined so as to capture more water while allowing the wind to do its job, that is, to remove leaves and debris from the surface. Pay attention to products similar to those of Alu-Rex which are totally flat. The absence of a basin can lead to overflows.

  • It’s tempting to think that a simple plastic mesh sold at $ 5.00 for a 20 foot (6.1 meter) roll can do the trick, but that’s not the case. The openings of these products are far too large. They allow the debris to pass and trap the leaves. This fertile soil eventually clogs the gutters and allows the growth of plants. Moreover, these products offer no rigidity and bend under snow and ice. In short, these products still require that you periodically mount a ladder to perform maintenance of your gutters.